As a surfing product, it goes without saying that caring for the environment and honouring a conscious business practice, is part of our DNA. We have high standards for what this constitutes and believe that transparency and honesty are at its core. That said, launching a new business, we have seen the challenges between the ultimate objective and what is realistically feasible at the time of starting. Here we explain the decisions implemented to make our product ethical and sustainable, and where we hope to improve. 

manufacturing & suppliers

This is one of the product’s lifecycle point with the greatest adverse impacts on the climate, so for us, it was crucial to get it right.

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Products not built to last are disposable and become waste. So it was imperative we sourced long lasting materials.

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Our Kaiola surf hat is designed to last. From how we constructed it to how we optimised its use, every detail was taken into consideration.

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packaging & postage

Yes, we will have to ship our products to you around the world but we will do so thoughtfully using a recycled, reusable and recyclable, flat envelope.

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