Durable and resitant

The extreme conditions of sun and saltwater require a high quality of synthetic material to prevent accelerated degradation and a short product life span. Durable, high quality materials maximise the life of the product, reducing the rate of replacement. Products not built to last are disposable and become waste. Currently the two main material inputs are Recycled Nylon and Polyester.

Recycled where possible

Sourcing and processing virgin material these days is problematic for the environment. We have so much pre and post consumer waste, full of technical nutrients, clogging up our oceans and piling into landfill, it would be irresponsible to overlook this. Our main fabric is 100% recycled polyamide (nylon) from pre-consumer scrap.

Treatment and dyeing

As previously mentioned, all suppliers are compliant with REACH and OEKO-TEX standards. The front panel is treated to be water repellent. Here we have used a revolutionary, solvent free and more environmentally friendly treatment called Ruco-Guard AFS6 (Rudolf).

Material ambitions

Once our order volumes increase we aim to switch to recycled alternatives across the board. Further down the line, we’ll be experimenting with innovations in bio-based and renewable performance fabrics. One test we have already done is mixing walnut shells with the synthetics for the foam inside the peak!

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