By partnering with Petratex, we have guaranteed a well monitored supply chain, as they strictly only work with suppliers who comply with the REACH and OEKO-TEX standards, amongst other conditions set by Petratex. This makes all of our suppliers compliant with stringent environmental, health, and performance standards and the mindful treatment of people and nature embedded in their processes. 

Transport is another major impact of the product lifecycle, and so we aimed to be as locally sourced as possible. We were able to achieve 8 out of 10 EU based suppliers: Portugal, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic. Our 2 non-EU suppliers come from Taiwan and China, providing us with our recycled nylon from pre consumer scrap and our buckle technology. They are leading suppliers and facilities in their respective materials, adhering to the REACH and OEKO-TEX standards as stipulated by Petratex. 


This is one of the product’s lifecycle point with the greatest adverse impacts on the climate, so for us, it was crucial to get it right. We opted for local European production and partnered with Petratex, a state-of-the-art facility here in Portugal with some of the highest production and environmental practices, even by EU standards!

It fills us with pride to have such an exemplary partner on so many dimensions: quality, sustainability, working conditions. We have met the entire team from sewing, stock keeping, fabric technology to the CEO and we admire this operation. 

Manufacturing and supplier ambitions

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